A Great Game Day

A great day for playing Magic

Game Day came and went like it always does. Following a few weeks after launch it gets here faster than we think it would and we had a great turn out for both of our events. There were some hard fought games during the day as well as some interesting plays that I know no one was expecting. Robert Goodwin was able to  take multiple extra turns in a row against some of his opponents with part the waterveil. I was that crazy guy that brought out Ulamog with Nahiri's ultimate ability. There were quite a few Westvale Abbeys turning into Ormendahls.

I want to thank everyone that came to play. I also want to congratulate Bentley and Patrick for their wins at each event. I hope you guys put those champion mats to good use. Our next Game Day will be for Kaladesh is October. I look forward to seeing what the plane of Kaladesh will bring to a new standard environment. Also remember whenever we have 16 players at a Prerelease, Launch Event, or Game Day, the winner will get a free entry for the next sealed event.

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