Great Day for a Prerelease

And maybe a few shiny cards

This last weekend was the Prerelease for the upcoming Magic the Gathering expansion Kaladesh. The weather wasn't too hot and we didn't have to resort to running extra fans just to keep the place cool. We had a great turn out at all of our events and I wanted to thank all of you that were able to make it for coming. 

At the midnight event we had 12 people and it came down to Tim and Izzy but Tim was able to come away with the win. Coming back to the 1pm event Izzy was able to make back to the final table up against Bentley. He was able to give Bentley a run for his money with his Chandra, Torch of Defiance but Bentley was able to fill the board with his own large threats in the form of not two but three copies of Gearseeker Serpent and ended up earning the win.

Our evening event ended up having the larger attendance than the other two events which was surprising to us. We were 1 player short of our 16 player mark to award a free Sealed entry to our winner of the event. The first 2 rounds went smoothly with each winner of the round winning in 2 games. Four of us were heading into round 3 undefeated, Robert vs. Michael and Torin vs. myself, and the pressure was on for all of us.

Torin and I ended playing a grindy first game that I ended up winning with a pair of powered up Thriving Rhinos and my menacing 8/6 Aradara Express. The second game started out the same way with equal boards for both of us but changed completely when Torin played his Cataclysmic Gearhulk and cleared my board of threats. With only a Whirlermaker and Salivating Gremlin I was able to effectively block and kill the gearhulk and I could start generating a new board of threats. Torin had a few misplays that led me to gain the win with repeated attacks from a Voltaic Brawler. Shortly after Torin and I finished our match the other undefeated were just about finished with Robert's own Chandra doing work against Michael. It was getting late, a little after 10pm, so Robert and I decided to draw in the last round.

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