New Changes Coming.

This time for the better.

We have been thinking on how to bring in new and repeat customers for a long time this year. We introduced our rewards system for purchases in March. The beginning started off really well but some of the rewards seemed a little lackluster. Yeah, you could get a free board game but some of them do not appeal to you that much. A lot of people have just been hoarding points to save up for the 500 point reward, a $50 gift certificate. We're okay with that but we also want to have some rewards that can all of our customers are interested in and can be easily reachable. To do that we have changed the rewards tiers around a bit. Have a look below.

Old Rewards Tiers                                                                                            New Rewards Tiers

50 Points - $2 off purchase of $20 or more.                                                         50 Points  - $2 off purchase of $10 or more.

150 Points - Free Booster Pack (Up to $10).                                                       150 Points - Free Booster Pack (Up to $10) or Free Disc Golf Disc (Up to $15).

200 Points - Free Disc Golf Disc (Up to $10).                                                      250 Points - Free Board Game (Select Stock) or $20 off any Purchase/$20 Gift Certificate.

300 Points - Free Board Game (Select Stock).                                                    350 Points - Free Entry to Sealed Magic Event.

400 Points - Free Draft Entry for you and a friend.                                              500 Points - $50 off purchase of $50 Gift Certificate.

500 Points - $50 off purchase or $50 Gift Certificate.

Most rewards have gotten a points reduction with some being offered at the same tier as previous rewards. We still have the $50 gift certificate for those that just want to keep working towards that.

Now comes to something I think that has not been working since we started it. That is the Attendance Rewards system for returning players. It was a great concept starting out but there was a flaw in that we didn't start to notice until after 2 quarters. The points won by people that did not win the top prize were useless to them after the quarter was over. We toyed with the idea of having them be redeemable like in the sales rewards system but that caused us to have 2 systems to manage and could get very confusing for not only the players but us sometimes. We have decided to stop the Attendance Rewards system after this quarter ends, September 30th. Excluding the winner of each quarter, each person that was able to get at least 20 points each quarter will have those points converted into the sales rewards system.

Moving on to some better news for some of our Magic players. We have decided to add a new incentive to try and draw in more players to our special Magic events, like Prereleases and Game Days. At each of our special Magic events with at least 16 players, the winner will get a free entry into the next upcoming Sealed event.These rewards will be non-transferable and you can only win once per special event weekend. Winning in multiple Prereleases on the same day is fine if you can do it but you will not get more than one free entry. Speaking of special events our next Prerelease is this weekend September 24. You can sign up for any events that you want to play on the events page.

After a discussion of what to do with our leftover Star City Game Night tokens and pins we have decided to put them on sale. After the month is over we will have the pins and tokens for sale for anyone. Each token will be $4 and pins will be $6. Here's a look at what the current month's promos and a few going ahead.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


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