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Hi everyone,

It's been a while since we last posted but we're getting back into a regular schedule for things.

It was a pretty hectic weekend for us a few weeks ago. We had multiple conventions on the same weekend as well as our latest Magic the Gathering Prerelease for Rivals of Ixalan. We managed to sell out all of our events for the prerelease and had a full store for most of the day. Continued our Iron Man Competition which brought 6 Challengers to try and win a booster box of Rivals of Ixalan. Alex, Kayden, Robert, Kyle, Brett, and Keith played in each event for a chance to win the booster box.

Alex was doing very well after the first 2 events managing to make it to the finals at each event and earning a lot of points. Keith was working his way to catch up managing to get 2 finals finishes and walking away with a tie and a 1st place finish to end up tied with Alex for points going into the final event. The event started rough for Alex with a first round loss and Keith winning against his opponent. But that wouldn't stop Alex. She managed to get a win while Keith ended up drawing against his opponent after the round went to time. Trailing one point behind Keith going into the last round Alex needed to win to force Keith to win to end up victorious for the Iron Man. Alex ended up winning against her opponent and Keith was unable to overcome Kayden and his dinosaur onslaught leaving Alex the winner of the Iron Man Challenge.

Brewing time started for a new standard with the release of Rivals of Ixalan but a curve ball was thrown on Monday with the release of new Banned and Restricted announcement. Some cards that were certain to be banned ended up becoming banned, looking at you Attune with Aether and Rogue Refiner. Ramunap Ruins and Rampaging Ferocidons also got the ban hammer which was a little surprising but their reasoning made sense as to why they were banned. With these bans our Thursday Standard Event this last week was a huge surprise with all four tribes from Ixalan being represented among the players. We're looking forward to seeing how the rest of the Rivals of Ixalan season will turn out with the bans and see what some people come up with at Thursday Standard and Standard Showdown.

Cant wait to see every ones take with the new cards. See you at the Table!

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