Weekend of Chaos and Revolt

How we made it through 2 cons and a prerelease on the same weekend.

Last weekend was a chaotic and stress inducing three days that I'm glad I was able to make it through in one piece. We not only were hosting the new prerelease for the next Magic the Gathering expansion, we also were going to two conventions in the area as vendors.

OrcaCon is a local board gaming convention and was happening over in Everett at the Holiday Inn. They are in their second year after having a great first year. Their first year they had over 700 registrants with it climbing to over 1000 this year, many of which were from out of state. They have many great speakers and panels from local people in the industry as well as gaming going on so it is something to check out if you are interested in the gaming industry. They already have next years convention scheduled and registration is open so check it out here. We had a great time there and look forward to going back in the future. 

RustyCon is a science fiction and fantasy convention that has been happening for a number of years. We saw many old friends that we haven't seen in quite sometime and even made some new friends there as well. RustyCon also has speakers and panels for a number of interests in science fiction and fantasy. There is some type of gaming going on but it is more focused on the science fiction and fantasy aspect.

And we had the Aether Revolt Prerelease. We had 3 events over the course of the day and each one had a great turnout. A lot of different types of decks were made which made for a great variety to play against. We had a player draw the Metallic Mimic and made a great black red construct deck with a bunch of artifact creatures. One player was even able to build a stong deck with Electrostatic Pummeler and some energy making cards and was able to attack for 28 on turn 4. It was impressive to say the least. The new legendary vehicle, Heart of Kiran, made a few appearences during the day, one time even in foil. It was one of the many cards to beat during the day.

We had a great time at these events and hoped that those that attended them did too. We have some more events coming in the future so be sure to check back. We have Commander Cube happening this Saturday at 2pm. We are also gearing up for the Aether Revolt Game Day on February 11th. Everyone is going to get a full art Trophy Mage just for showing up to play and Top 8 players will get a full art foil Yahenni's Expertise. First place at each Game Day will walk away with the champion play mat in addition to normal prizes. This Game Day's artwork is Ajani Unyielding and it looks amazing. We have two events to try and win this play mat at 1:00pm and 6:30pm. The 1:00pm event will have an entry fee of $5 and will have more prizes added to the prize pool than previous events. This event is geared toward the more competitive players but anyone is welcome to play in it. The 6:30pm event will be a free entry and will have the regular prizes in the prize pool. This event is more geared towards the casual standard player.

Cant wait to to see everyone's awesome decks at Game Day!                   

                     Thanks For Reading


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