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This last weekend we hosted a few Game Day events. We had our regular Magic the Gathering Game Day for the lastest expansion set, Aether Revolt. We also hosted a Game Day for the lastest printing of the classic tank warfare game, Ogre. This game has come a long way since it first came out in 1977 including a successful campaign on Kickstarter to print the new 6th edition in the oversized Designer's Edition box. This box is massive compared to the regular size box that we are celebrating the launch of this weekend. We had some returning players as well as a few new players to the game and we had a great time teaching and playing with those of you who came.

We had a great turn out for our Aether Revolt Games Days. We had some new players to the store as well as a few regulars. The first Game Day event has a large variety of decks which wasn't too surprising. There are a lot of good deck archetypes to play with Aether Revolt out. We had a few Panharmonicon and other combo decks along with some regular aggro and midrange decks thrown into the mix. The finals came down to John and Robert, both playing completely different decks but still throwing big punches at each other. John was playing black-blue zombies and was working his way to fill up the board against Robert and his Mardu vehicle deck. The match came down to game three with John trying to keep Robert's board clear of the very big threat of Heart of Kiran. Robert kept drawing more Hearts and playing other threats than John could take care of and was able take the match with the draw of a Shock thanks to John's Geier Reach Sanitarium. The second Game Day event was just about the same as the first. Lots of different decks and great games during the evening. Keith playing a green-black midrange deck came up against Dan and his blue-black control deck in the finals. Each game went back and forth in board presence between the two but Keith was able to play increasingly larger threats thanks to the combination of Winding Constrictor and multiple Verdurous Gearhulks and Walking Ballistas. In the end Keith came ahead and took the second Game Day champion playmat for himself after some pretty long games.

Congratulations to both Robert and Keith for winning and thanks to everyone else who came to play in our Game Day events. We host these Game Day events a month after the launch of each new Magic the Gathering expansion. Amonkhet is coming in April and we have already signed up for Prereleases and Game Days to keep a look out for them on our event calendar soon.

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